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At Addison Insurance Agency, we know you take pride in your home. You fill it not only with your things, but with family, memories, and love. Whether you have a house, condo, townhouse, or apartment, we make sure we provide our clients with the very best value for their Georgia Home Insurance. That is why we focus on properly evaluating our client’s particular insurance needs, making sure their home and possessions will be protected in the event of a claim, and providing homeowner’s insurance solutions that complement their auto and umbrella policies.

At the Addison Insurance Agency, our experienced agents will help you determine the type of home policy that is appropriate, explain that policy, and work with you to ensure your home, personal property, liability, and valuables have the best coverage for the most competitive premium.


Some things to consider when insuring your home include:


  • Insuring to value- Many homes may be underinsured OR over-insured if the policy is based on the purchase price or market value. These numbers do not reflect the true cost to rebuild your home.
  • Valuables- Do you have jewelry, sports or musical equipment, collectables, or family heirlooms such as antique furniture or Art? Most policies set very low specific limits for what the policy will pay for those items, and adding them to the policy at a specific value may be necessary
  • Deductible- The deductible (amount you pay first during a claim) choice can greatly affect your premium. A low deductible increases the premium and a higher deductible lowers the premium.
  • Other Structures- If you have a pool, detached garage, outbuildings or sheds, extensive hardscape or fencing, you may want to increase this coverage on your policy.

Different types of homes have different types of insurance needs, offer different included coverage, and there are specific policy forms created to address those needs. The basic included coverage with Home, Condo, Renters and Landlord policies are:

  • Dwelling- This covers the structure of the home, fixtures, and any attached structure such as a deck. Condo policies limit this coverage and renter’s policies do not include this coverage.
  • Other Structures- Detached and permanently installed items such as pools, out- buildings, sheds, fences, and garages are covered here.
  • Personal Property- This takes care of your clothes, furniture, electronics, dishes, and other items you own. There are limitations in the policy for Jewelry, Art, Silverware, and other property. However, these items can be added to the policy for their specific value.
  • Additional Living Expense- Covers any out of the ordinary expenses you may incur as a result of a claim, including rent while your home is uninhabitable, meals, laundry expenses, and more.
  • Personal Liability- If you or household member causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party, this coverage would pay for the damage, medical bills, etc. This coverage can be supplemented with a Personal Umbrella Policy that will increase this limit and your auto liability limit!
  • Medical Payments- Medical Payments to Others coverage applies to the costs associated with injuries that happen to guests at your home, regardless of who is at fault.

Let us work with you to make sure your home is properly protected, contact Addison Insurance Agency to learn more about a home insurance policy by calling 770-675- 9175, or completing the short quote request form!


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